• Andreia Martins Departamento de Pediatria, Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando Fonseca, EPE, Amadora, Portugal
  • Alexandra Dias Departamento de Pediatria, Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando Fonseca, EPE, Amadora
  • José Pereira Albino Coordenador da especialidade de Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular do Hospital dos Lusíadas, Lisboa. Ex-Consultor de Cirurgia Vascular do Hospital Prof. Dr. Fernando Fonseca. EPE. Amadora
Keywords: pectoralis minor syndrome, subclavian artery stenosis


The thoracic outlet syndrome can occur from the compression of the neurovascular bundle of the upper limb in the segment below the clavicle. In this case, the responsible one for the situation is the minor pectoralis muscle, referred in the literature as "pectoralis minor syndrome" (PMS).

Although probably present in pediatric ages, these syndromes are uncommon and often undiagnosed.

We describe a 14-year-old handball practitioner, with an unusual presentation of PMS, whose diagnosis was confirmed by arteriography.

Considering his age, he underwent physiatric therapy and sport’s restriction. We observed a substantial clinical improvement within six months, and no changes at the axillary-subclavian axis were found two years after.

According to the literature this is a rare case, being its etiology related to the handball practice.


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